June 24, 2019

GREAT STAY * * * * *

Hosted a long weekend with a group of buddies. The house was gorgeous and the food was great. I thought the yard would be bigger based on the pictures, but regardless it was still plenty big to play kanjam, corn hole and through the football ...although we lost the frisbee to the pond think twice. The other complaint is that the sheets could've been a bit cleaner for the premium price we paid to be in the DR. That said, those were the only two complaints I can think of. There were more than enough amazing attributes to the house/trip that outweigh my complaints that give me reason to say it's a 5 star stay. Everyone said it was the best trip they've had. Mariana was great.

Owner's response:
Hi! Thank you for your great feedback and we're happy that you enjoyed your stay at Lake View Villa. I'm sorry that you didn't feel that the yard was as big as pictured, but glad that it worked out for you to play different games! Also, I'm sorry that you thought the sheets could've been cleaner. We're a bit surprised, though, because we had actually just purchased all new sheets and towels before your arrival.
As you know from the rental agreement and your initial communication with your villa coordinator (concierge), we only change sheets and towels every 3rd day in order to save on water, electricity and soap. We do this in order to do our small part to take care of the environment and to not create unnecessary pollution and waste. It's the same standard that most hotels have. However (as we also always inform our guests), if you do want us to change, wash and dry sheets every single day, we will gladly do so but for a small fee.
We're sorry for the inconvenience that this caused you but do hope that you understand our reasons. Thank you again for choosing us and Lake View Villa for your vacation and for sending us your feedback! We hope to see you back in Punta Cana again soon! Best regards, Anders.


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