Punta Cana Ocean Spa and Doctor Fish

Punta Cana Ocean Spa & Doctor Fish

Come and join us on the Punta Cana Ocean Spa & Doctor Fish excursion, a unique spa and wellness experience in the Dominican Republic.

The Doctor Fish (Garra Rufa) is also known as the Pedicure Fish. This small fish is popular and famous for its ability to graze on dead skin cells from humans. Therefore, many clinics use them to treat psoriasis and other human skin problems. When you visit Doctor Fish, you will sit on a platform and dip your feet into a tank with water where the fish are swimming around. The small fish will soon start to swarm around your feet and graze on the dead skin. But do not worry, it does not hurt! You will feel a slight tingling and tickling sensation as the fish work their way around your feet.

Enjoy all of the other spa and wellness activities as the spa catamaran sails gently along the coast. The group Pilates/Yoga session will boost your energy levels. Our instructor will conduct the session on a beginner level and guide you through the movements.

Afterward, you have earned some meditation time on a floating mattress. Gently drift on the ocean and let the soothing sounds and rocking motion provide you peace of mind and total relaxation.

Back on the catamaran, our massage therapists are ready to take care of you! The highlight of the excursion is our two full-body two massages. One is a more traditional full-body massage with a masseuse and the other is a deeper massage performed on an electronic massage bed. Bother of these incredible massages will help your body release tension, stress, and muscular pains.

Finally, prepare yourself for our electronic ionization machines that will assist in removing and eliminating all the toxins in your body.

Punta Cana Ocean Spa and Doctor Fish

– Transportation with pickup from hotels & resorts in Punta Cana, Cap Cana, and Bavaro*
– Towels.
– Beverages and snacks.

*Transportation may not be available from certain hotels/resorts and/or an additional fee may apply. If you’re staying in a private villa, transportation is not included. Please request a private transfer with your villa coordinator or villa manager.


– Available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
– Half-day, i.e. approximately 4 hours including transportation. The excursion is approximately 3 hours.


– Wear comfortable clothes, beach sandals, sunglasses, a hat/cap, your bathing suit, and eco-friendly/reef-friendly sun lotion.
– Bring a beach towel, sun lotion, camera, and cash money (US$) for photos, souvenirs, and gratuities.


– This is an adults-only excursion.
– The minimum age for children to participate in this excursion is 18 years.


– Punta Cana Ocean Spa & Doctor Fish: US$ 154 per person

Punta Cana Ocean Spa and Doctor Fish

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Important notice: Excursions cannot be booked for the same or following day! Please allow us min. 48 hours to book and process your reservation. All reservations must be paid in full prior to the excursion date. Once we receive your information, we will contact you by email to confirm your reservation and request your payment. Please note that your reservation is not confirmed before you receive our email reply and confirmation.

Punta Cana Ocean Spa and Doctor Fish

  • This is not a private excursion. This excursion may be available as a private tour – please ask for more information.
  • You may need to pass by other hotels to pick up other people before the excursion begins and to drop them off after the excursion ends.
  • The duration of each activity is approx. 20 minutes and the chronology of the activities may vary.
  • Participants must understand that sailing may be uncomfortable. Please take a Dramamine or similar in the morning if you get seasick easily.
  • This excursion is not available for pregnant women and children under the age of 18 years old.
  • If you suffer from any medical conditions or mobility problems, please consult with Group Palmera before making your reservation.

The exact description of this excursion, what’s included and prices are subject to change without prior notice!