The Punta Cana Guide Vacation Rentals

Vacation Villas

Punta Cana is, of course, famous for its impressive collection of all-inclusive resorts, but the destination also offers plenty of vacation rentals for travelers who’re looking for a more exclusive vacation experience. Staying in a vacation rental can be as comfortable and luxurious as staying in a 5-star resort – if not more.

When you rent a vacation rental property, e.g. a private villa with pool or a condo on the beach, then that space is yours! You don’t have to share any of it with strangers like you do at a resort. Meals can be served when you want to eat and you never have to make a reservation for dinner or stand in line at a buffet. A vacation rental is your vacation home away from home and it’s definitely a unique and wonderful way to experience a destination.

When you look for a vacation rental, you want to make sure that you’re looking at the right location! There are lots of properties that are located in Punta Cana – but far away from the beach or anywhere that would be considered a desirable area to stay in. Our vacation rental properties in Punta Cana are only located in the best areas available, on golf courses or on/near the beach.

BR = Bedrooms

Punta Cana Vacation Rentals:

Bavaro Beach, Los Corales:

Villa Pandora Punta Cana Vacation Rental
Villa Pandora (8 bedrooms, pool, chef & 2 maids) – beach front & ocean view

Cap Cana Resort:

The Punta Cana Guide Vacation Rentals
Caleton Villa 9 (4 bedrooms, pool, Jacuzzi, chef, butler, maid & Eden Roc Cap Cana Beach Club)

Cocotal Golf & Country Club:

Lake View Villa (8 bedrooms, pool, Jacuzzi, chef & 2 maids)

Iberostar Resort:

Villa Moderna Punta Cana Vacation Rental
Villa Moderna (5 bedrooms, pool, maid & beach club)

VILLA MODERNA (5-BR, pool, Jacuzzi, maid & beach club)

Puntacana Resort & Club:

Villa Blanca (6 bedrooms, pool, Jacuzzi, chef, butler & maid)

La Romana Vacation Rentals:

Cacique 22 (7 bedrooms, pool, Jacuzzi, chef, butler, maid & 2 golf carts) – ocean view